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 Contributors, Editors and Podcasters

Melissa Megan

Editor in Chief for Meganerdmedia.com. Podcast co-host for Sirens of Scream. Podcast co-host and contributor for Talkingcomicbooks.com. 

Mom, stylist and best friend. I like my cookies dipped in whiskey.

@Lissapunch (Twitter & Instagram


Ryan Megan




Carolyn Cocca

Author of Superwomen: Gender, Power, and Representation. Professor of Politics, Economics, and Law at SUNY-Old Westbury. Contributor to Meganerdmedia.com and Talkingcomicbooks.com. 

Member of the Rebel Alliance, Justice League, X-Men, Scooby Gang, and United Federation of Planets.


Jackie Devore

Jackie is a robot that loves tattoos, horror, art, video games, tacos and bunnies. She lives in a century-old house in savannah, GA, and has learned to get along well with the ghosts. @JACKIETHEROBOT (twitter)

Sierra Houk

Sierra Houk is an artist and designer living in Seattle, Washington. When she's not talking on Sirens of Scream, she's probably trying to convince herself that ghosts are real or thinking about what object in the room would be the best to kill zombies with. She cares a lot about art, comedy, women's health and mental health advocacy, and her fur babies: Josephine, Sadie, and Ahsoka. @Sierrahouk (Twitter)

Larry Frum

Larry Frum has been playing games since the Atari 2600 and writing about them for not quite as long. his articles have been featured on cnn, video games writers and local television websites across the country and around the world. his two web projects, gamers notes and larry's kitchen, reflect a more personal look inside gaming and food, two of his loves. the other is ice hockey. @lfrum (twitter)

Walt Keegan

Walt is a maker that likes to build sci-fi and horror creations with whatever he can find around the house. He’s an habitual comic book reader, horror movie watcher and all-around Star Wars fanatic. When he’s not in his basement workshop building he’s enjoying a craft beer and playing PSVR with his wife Jennifer and two pugs, Guinness and Bowie.

Walt can be found @WJKCreations on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch and Walt Keegan on Untappd

IMG_0035-01 - Copy.jpeg

Bob reyer

Bob Reyer is the senior editor, general curmudgeon and podcast co-host for talking Comics, and well, although it might be a mistake, perhaps i should let him tell it:bob reyer was rocketed to earth as an infant after his parents were scared by a huge bat! landing on an island of amazons, he was injected with the super-soldier serum and sent in to space where he was bombarded with cosmic rays! this might explain his love of comic books, but probably not. 'nuff said?