The Short Stack

As I grind my way through various comics series, I often think to myself "maybe I should tell people what I thought of this book". Then, I remember writing countless reviews where I struggled to come up with more to say about a book, for the sake of well rounded paragraphs. No more, I say! This ongoing column will offer you quickie reviews with simple ratings of comic books. I will point out details that stood out and made a book awesome or details that made it feel crappy. I will help you shop for better books, because I love you. (I mean I like you a lot.


  • A - Awesome
  • B- Better Than Most
  • C- Crappy in Some Parts
  • D- Doo Doo Mostly
  • E- Everything is Not Awesome, At All


Dents- Beth Behrs, Matt Doyle, Sid Kotian

Available at Webtoon, this story had me hooked by the end of the first first episode. It's drama and sci-fi, the story moves quickly enough to keep things interesting and the art is quite impressive, even stunning at times. The dents are on the run, trying to survive a brutal ruling government who aims to wipe them out of existence. Not only is this web comic exciting and heartbreaking, it's accompanied by some beautiful music that really accents the desperate state of it's world. I'm subscribed and very anxious to see more of this series.  Rating: A

Star Trek: Khan, #1-#5 - Mike Johnson, Roberto Orci, David Messina, Giorgia Sposito, Luca Lamberti, Claudia ScarletGothica

From IDW. In honor of the coming 50th Anniversary of Star Trek, I decided to catch up on some comics I've had lying around. This one is overseen by a writer/producer from the Star Trek Into Darkness film and strives to tell the backstory of Khan Noonien Singh. Khan is arguably one of the most vile baddies of the Star Trek universe and his origin explains pretty well his super human powers and his motivation. While I found the story here compelling enough, the art was not my favorite. I'm not sure what kind of art I would prefer for the science and space of this universe, but this portrayal just felt a bit generic and simple. Fun to read if you need to tickle your Star Trek bone, but nothing to push other books out of the stack to make room for. Rating: C

Black Magick #1-#5 - Greg Rucka, Nicola Scott

From Image. A bad ass police detective who also happens to be a powerful Wiccan. A dangerous crime that clues her in to someone hunting her down. Her Wiccan mentor dives in to magical spells to help her solve it and unlocks a hole to hellish things. The soft grey scale art work is beautiful in it's own right, but when the occasional color details show up, it really shines. This book has the well grounded and genuine characters Rucka creates, along with additional mythology to give the story more meat. New issues won't be arriving until April 2017, but Volume 1 is available now! Rating: B+

Descender #13 - Jeff Lemire, Dustin Nguyen

From Image. I hope I don't have to go and tell you to read this, you should be reading it by now. If not, stop reading this silly review, get issue #1 and get your ass on board. This is one of my top favorite series on the rack this year, it's sad, intelligent, intense and beautiful. Issue #13 gives us Telsa's back story, which adds an extra layer of suspense to everyone's present danger. I love that revealing her past actually gives her a bit more fragility than has been shown and I find myself hoping she comes out on top, somehow, even though her motivation may not be in the best interest of poor TIM 21. The art in this book is as glorious as always, watercolor-like textures with lots of red and black to create a futuristic feel. I love this book to death and it's not slowed down one bit since issue #1. Rating: A