Sunday At The Shop - Megos, Saga and Doom!

Every couple of Sundays I work at my local comic book shop and I’m always amazed at the great stuff that comes through our door. It may be a small shop in central New Jersey, but we get some big finds.

The Fantastic Four Volume 1 #5 - I love it when I can get this close to real history and hold it in my hand. And what could be cooler to hold than the first appearance of the Richards’ Family number one nemesis, Doctor Doom! In July of 1962 Stan Lee and Jack Kirby published this gem of a book bringing readers the first look at Doctor Doom, his time platform and even a Doombot. As is the case with many books of this era, the cover is a bit worn and the pages yellowed, but it’s so nice see one not slabbed in the CGC plastic so you can get this close to greatness.

Dime Press #4 - With Hellboy in the news lately because of a gritty R-rated reboot in the works I thought this was a pretty cool (and rare) little 1993 Italian comic known as the first true incarnation of Hellboy to be published (a demon character drawn in 1991 by Mike Mignola brandished the name “Hellboy” on his belt buckle is the first, but he looks nothing like the HB we know and love). Even this early sketch has the iconic cut horns and the Right Hand Of Doom but he’s grey instead of red. Don't expect to get the first Hellboy story though, there’s nothing inside about him as Mignola just did the cover for this comic.

Saga #1 - Few current comic books rocket in price without a movie or TV show to drive interest, but Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples is one of them. When I started reading comics again in 2012, Saga was the first non-superhero book I started reading (at that time sadly it was on its fifth (and final) printing, so I don’t have a first print in my collection) and it ignited my love of indie-type comics. It was a book that caught everyone off guard and Fiona Staples’ beautiful artwork seals the deal. Though this book isn’t that old it commands a decent amount for a first print even if not graded. Since the title holds a certain importance in my comic book life I was happy to see it behind the counter.

Star Trek Mego Figures - Wow. Here are the six original 1974 Star Trek Mego figures; Kirk, Spock, Bones, Scottie, Uhura and a Klingon. Getting 8” Megos in good shape is one thing but to get them new on their original cards is awesome. The first Megos were sold in boxes but this Star Trek line was the first to be exclusively on blister cards. Megos were what all kids in the 1970’s played with (I had this Mr. Spock as a kid) because they were able to secure licenses to both Marvel and DC characters. Then in 1974 they produced both The Planet of the Apes and Star Trek figures while also branching out to other non-genre TV shows like Laverne and Shirley and Starsky and Hutch. Just don’t call them dolls!

That’s it for the first edition of Sunday At The Shop. Hope you enjoyed checking out some of the cool things I got to hang out with this weekend. Until the next time I work, live long and prosper.