Sunday At The Shop - Jokers, Transformers and RIP Adam West

Every couple of Sundays I work at my local comic book shop and I’m always amazed at the great stuff that comes through our door that I will share here. It may be a small shop in central New Jersey, but we get some big finds.

LIFE Magazine, March 11, 1966 - Well, this wouldn’t have been on today’s list but due to the sad loss of TV’s Batman, Adam West, I had to include it. This vintage LIFE Magazine has a joyous West on the cover and a lead story talking about how "Batman makes a mighty leap into national popularity." You know, that superhero thing just might catch on.

Generation One Transformers - The amount of hours I spent playing with my Transformers when I was a kid cannot be calculated by the supercomputer Deep Thought (but I assure you it was more than 42). These original G1 Megatron and Optimus Prime in their original boxes bring me so much joy and nostalgia. The box art on these Transformers were always great so much so I kept all my boxes and would display them in my room. Plus you got a stats card on the back! They don’t make them like this anymore!

Batman Detective Comics 880 - If ever there was a comic arc that skyrocketed both the writer and artist to stardom it was “The Black Mirror” story from Scott Snyder and Jock in Detective Comics. And if there was ever the iconic cover to that arc it is this amazing Joker from Jock. This was before the New 52 when Scott Snyder secured the main Batman title (with icon-in-his-own-right Greg Capullo) for the next 5 years. As you can see this book commands a decent price because of how well-received this “Joker Of Bats” image is.

The Invincible Iron Man Volume 1, #1 May 1968 - While this is not the first appearance of Tony Stark as Iron Man (that honor goes to Tales Of Suspense #39, March 1963) it does tell the abridged story of the Iron Man origin from that book. It mimics a bit from what was told in the Iron Man movie though the original location was Vietnam, changed to Afghanistan, to more reflect current times. This copy is in pretty incredible shape; cover is very clean and there is minor wear on the edges. Overall a pretty impressive specimen. While this won’t command the same respect as TOS 39, it is the start of Tony Stark in his very own title. 

That’s it for this week’s Sunday At The Shop. Hope you enjoyed checking out some of the cool things I get to hang out with on Sundays. Until the next time I work; Goodnight ol’ chum.