Sunday At The Shop - Photos of the War in the Stars

Every couple of Sundays I work at my local comic book shop and I’m always amazed at the great stuff that comes through our door that I will share here. It may be a small shop in central New Jersey but we get some big finds.

Star Wars Campaign/Press Book - Notice something weird about the Star Wars logo on the cover of this book? That “W” seems a bit off, right? That’s because this is pre-release campaign book that was sent to theater owners to promote Star Wars - back when the logo had a pointy “W.” Inside there are color photos from the movie and descriptions of all the characters to get theaters enthusiastic about picking this scrappy little movie to play on one of their screens. This copy isn’t in the best shape but to have something with the old logo is right on par with a “Revenge of the Jedi” Poster.

Movie Premiere Programs - Also in this collection are a few old premiere programs from Alien, Close Encounters Of The Third Kind and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. These are simple fold-outs that include a picture of the movie poster and the full end credits listed for those that were attending the movie premiere. Again, not in the greatest of shape but an awesome piece of sci-fi history.

1978 Kenner Landspeeder - We just put out a bunch of vintage Star Wars figures and smaller vehicles but I picked the Landspeeder to highlight because the only way I remember my Landspeeder was, let's say nicely, broken. It’s weird holding one that is in pretty much one piece. My Landspeeder was missing the windshield, the middle engine on top was broken off, the seats were missing and the hood popped off. I spent many an hour playing with this toy when I was little but in my mind it doesn’t look like this one.

DC Designer Series: The Joker by Brian Bolland - The Killing Joke is one of those defining comic books and the cover is seared into my mind. This is a beautiful statue depicting The Joker from that cover (filling in the blanks to show his whole body/suit). While this is a brand new statue from DC it’s certainly something I would want if I had the space and the money.

That’s it for this week’s Sunday At The Shop. Hope you enjoyed checking out some of the cool things I get to hang out with on Sundays. Until the next time I work, may the force be with you.