Fall update for 'Civilization VI' contains balance, tuning, bug fixes

“Civilization VI” is changing, and players will notice some things while other changes work their magic in the background.

A new fall 2016 update was released Friday, bringing tweaks to gameplay, balance, AI tuning, bug fixes and some visual enhancements. For those who love domination victories, science and culture will be getting more competitive.

The most obvious addition to the game is two new maps, “Four Leaf Clover” and “Six-Armed Snowflake,” designed to encourage conflict by bringing together different civilizations in the middle of the map. Both maps can be used for online and offline play.

There is a new multiplayer scenario, “Cavalry and Cannonades,” featuring a larger starting army, additional tech, and reduced unit maintenance costs. The scenario lasts 50 turns, and whichever civilization possesses the larges territory at the end wins. This is definitely a combat first scenario.

Additional notifications have been added in the gameplay updates. There is also going to be a visual cue when barbarian scouts are alerted to city locations.

Some balance changes are also contained in the fall update. Perhaps the most significant are the ones regarding warmonger penalties.

In most instances, those penalties will be reduced, but the last city to be conquered will produce a heavy warmonger penalty, even with Casus Belli, because a civilization will be wiped out with the victory.

For those who lean toward a cultural victory, amphitheaters can now have two Great Works of Writing. For religious victories, the cost of religious units has increased, but when a religion is first founded, it will have more resilience and convert the city with the adjusted pressure.

Victory conditions have been adjusted so science and culture are more competitive against domination and religion. AI civilizations will also be more competitive in building advanced military, and city-states will be able to build and maintain a strong military.

These adjustments appear to even out the playing field with regards to domination victories, which seemed to be easier to achieve in early gameplay.

Plenty of bug fixes are included in the update, including unit builds, taking away exploits, crashes, and relationship benefits. Some visual touches, like snow on building in snow terrains and a ranger tower in a hex with a National Park, just add a bit of luster and shine to a game that already looks great.

A new Trade Route report, some additional icons, and an updated victory screen are a few of the UI changes in the release.

On the back end, DirectX 12 support, starting with AMD cards and NVIDIA Maxwell series or later cards, has been added. Firaxis recommends all drivers are up-to-date.

For more information on the complete list of changes, visit civilization.com.