NES Classic Edition packs big nostalgic gaming punch in tiny box

When it comes to video games, diving into the past is nearly as exciting as lunging toward the future. Nintendo, fresh off their Nintendo Switch announcement for 2017, is giving players and fans a glimpse backward with the NES Classic Edition game unit.

This tiny piece hardware is packed with all the memories of an adult gamer. Thirty classic games, including three different “Super Mario Bros.,” two Zelda, two “Castlevania,” and many more, are hardcoded inside a miniaturized NES console that is smaller than most current generation console controllers.

The NES controller is the same, two-button version that came with the original console. It is not reduced in size, but its compact nature makes it feel tiny in a current player’s hands. There are two ports for a controller so players can play with a friend, and Nintendo will allow a Wii Classic Controller or Classic Controller Pro to be used instead of the NES Classic Controller.

Don’t be fooled by its size. In addition to the games, the unit also has three different outputs to appeal to whatever the player would like to see and experience.

A CRT filter introduces scan lines for a retro look. There is a setting for the original aspect ratio, 4:3, that was used by the televisions of the day.

There is also a pixel perfect mode, which accurately represents how the games were originally designed and likely appeared in arcades. No quarters needed this time.

Games can also be saved and resumed at any time using suspend points. Up to four suspend points can be saved at one time for easy pickup and play.

The experience is amazing. Playing it feels like I’m back home, honing my skills on “TECMO BOWL” or blowing away enemies with “Kirby’s Adventure.” The reproductions look, sound and feel like they did nearly 30 years ago.

Just letting the game play in demo mode and cycling through the games was enjoyable. The music from each title made a fun soundtrack to the day.

Nintendo has done what it always has. It has tapped into our nostalgia and appealed to our inner child. While the target audience is likely adults, sharing the experience with children will undoubtedly fuel many purchasing desires.

Just remember they don’t have the “PAC-MAN” pattern memorized like you do.

Here are the games included in the NES Classic Edition:

·        Balloon Fight


·        Castlevania

·        Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest

·        Donkey Kong

·        Donkey Kong Jr.


·        Dr. Mario

·        Excitebike


·        Galaga


·        GRADIUS

·        Ice Climber

·        Kid Icarus

·        Kirby’s Adventure

·        Mario Bros.

·        MEGA MAN 2

·        Metroid


·        PAC-MAN

·        Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream

·        Star Tropics

·        SUPER C

·        Super Mario Bros.

·        Super Mario Bros. 2

·        Super Mario Bros. 3

·        TECMO BOWL

·        The Legend of Zelda

·        Zelda II: The Adventure of Link

The NES Classic Edition is available on Nov. 11. The games are rated E10+ due to mild violence. This post was written with a provided unit.