Destiny: Rise of Iron campaign, missions, exotic weapons; last DLC?

The latest expansion for “Destiny: Rise of Iron,” offers many new challenges and rewards for players while still managing to add to the lore and mythos of the solar system in which we explore.

This post deals with the campaign, story missions, and weapon quests. It does not tackle the raid, because I haven’t tackled the raid, other than getting crushed every time I’ve tried it.

The campaign introduces a new threat called SIVA, what appears to be nanotechnology that can be used to “improve” the living and the inanimate. The Iron Lords were attempting to defeat SIVA from overwhelming the world, which meant sealing it away in a vault and killing off all but one of the Iron Lords.

The lone survivor, Lord Saladan, has stood watch over the vault area, but the Fallen, an old nemesis, apparently have discovered a SIVA leak and are attempting to control the technology. As a Guardian, it is your task to fight upgraded Fallen troops, take down SIVA where you can, and end the threat once and for all, which never really happens.

Working from a new social area, called Iron Temple, Guardians head out across Earth to new locations. The campaign ramps up nicely, introducing new enemies and more powerful weapons along the way. As a solo player, it felt very organic and didn’t overwhelm unnecessarily. The Plaguelands and Felwinter Peak offered new landscapes to traverse.

The loot drops seemed appropriately powerful, raising light levels to new heights. I was soon decked out in new clothes, weapons, shaders, and spaceships.

 The Rise of Iron book will help keep all your tasks in order and reward you appropriately upon completion. This is one book you want to open.

The Rise of Iron book will help keep all your tasks in order and reward you appropriately upon completion. This is one book you want to open.

SIVA was built up to be this malevolent entity, and I expected to find some techno-boss to defeat at the climax. However, the campaign seemed to end abruptly after a battle when Lord Saladan declared the enemy vanquished.

It was an unexpected ending that just trailed off rather than provide any sense of closure. There was no big boss, like in "The Taken King" expansion. Just another fight and finished with no feeling of major accomplishment.

Regardless, I knew there was more adventuring to be done. New missions, quests, challenges, and weapons loomed on the horizon. So back into orbit I went, searching for these additional activities.

The missions, those beacons that dot the landscape, not only offered instant opportunity, but when coupled with the right quest, they can also result in Iron Lord artifacts. These artifacts are tied to the Iron Lords of history and are legendary items with significant bonuses.

A new mission type, Quarantine, brings together a powerful foe and waves of enemies. There are also instant events to take down heavy artillery or protect a crashed satellite.

The enemies are more powerful but look and feel like familiar foes. The introduction of SIVA into their DNA alters them in some ways visually. A Brood Mother is still a Brood Mother, and she still goes down with enough shots to the head.

The Archon Forge is a PVE location where you get to swing a big axe. Not perform a concert with an awesome guitar, but use the Iron Lords’ signature flaming axe to battle wave after wave of enemies. The Forge is activated by a SIVA offering, something collected from one of the major SIVA enemies.

Once delivered, the Forge seals itself and only opens for other Guardians who have a splicer key. The enemies inside are tough. Eventually, the axes reveal themselves at nearly the same time as some major boss enemies appear.

While the Forge is limited by how many SIVA offerings you can make, I accidentally discovered that by hanging around in the Forge, I could be included in another Guardian’s activation. This made completing the Forge quest much easier, although I was at the mercy of other Guardian’s good fortune.

A new Strike, The Wretched Eye, challenges players to wade through a Hive nest and take down a Fallen high priest. Two other Strikes, Sepiks Perfected and Abomination Heist, are more powerful versions of previous strikes on the Earth and Moon.

The exotic weapons quests were rather fun to complete. There are four exotic weapons to be found, and I was able to find and finish two.

The Ghallarhorn quest for a massive rocket launcher takes a lot of searching to complete the mission, but the battle while the Ghallarhorn is being assembled is a frantic and fantastic display of firepower on both sides.

The other exotic weapon quest was actually a trip into the past. Getting the Khvostov 7G-0X auto rifle meant going back to the beginning and redesigning your very first weapon into a powerful killing device.

What really made this fun was the post-battle dialog, where Ghost started getting nostalgic. He spoke about how happy he was to find you, all the good you’ve done together, and thanked you for all the adventures and success.

It nearly seemed like Ghost was leaving, but upon further introspection, it felt more like a thank you from the Bungie team for playing their game.

Is "Rise of Iron" the final DLC? Is this the final hurrah for "Destiny" before "Destiny 2" comes out? I hope Ghost comes along, although from his dialog it sounds like he’s in it for the long haul.

But until "Destiny 2" comes out, there are still "Rise of Iron" missions to be completed, crucible matches to win, and that pesky raid to complete. I need some friends.