Beta for 'Star Wars Battlefront II' Reveals More of Everything


If you haven’t seen the new “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” trailer, do it now. I’ll wait.

Now, imagine being in that stunning universe, battling the forces of the First Order or smashing down the Resistance. “Star Wars Battlefront II” is prepared to engage players with the Light and the Dark in bolder, more dynamic ways.

A recent beta provided a solid experience about how massive and beautiful the action will be in the upcoming game, to be released on Nov. 17. More planets, characters, weapons, vehicles, and missions will be waiting.

The single-player campaign, which was not available in the beta, was featured in a trailer, and Iden Versio, as leader of Inferno Squad, is set on her path of revenge by the last assignment of the now deceased Emperor.


Multiplayer action, designed for eight to 40 players depending on the mission, gets broken down into five different modes. Two of the modes, Heroes versus Villains, and Blast, were not available in the beta.

Galactic assault is a 40 player scenario where one side is trying to achieve certain goals, and the other side is trying to stop them. In the beta, Clone troopers are trying to prevent Separatist droids from overrunning the royal palace on Naboo.

The action is intense as both sides try to leverage supremacy through a moving skirmish battle in the streets and palace halls on Naboo. Despite being a straight forward thrust by the droids, each side has plenty of room to maneuver to gain an advantage over their foes.

The environmental detail in Naboo was stunning, and the intricacies of the streets and hallways lent a strategic element that gamers minds could use to their success.


A variety of classes, from assault to officers, also included some new vehicles and heroes that could be called into battle. It was fun to try out the AT-RT, a smaller, one person version of the AT-ST walker. The AT-RT was very nimble in the streets and packed quite the firepower.

Darth Maul and Rey often made appearances on the battlefield and were very powerful in singular combat. The only way they could fall was a concentrated effort by the other side toward them.

Starfighter Assault is a space battle between fighters, bombers, and heroes in the cold environments of outer space. This was one area where more gameplay is going to be needed for me to feel competent. The controls of my ship felt out of control, and I had a very difficult time finding a good setting that felt comfortable for my style of flying.

But the action is frantic and fast paced with specific targets to protect or be blown up. Up to 24 players can join in the dogfights.


In Strike, teams of eight players attack each other during scenarios that are competitive and strategic. In the beta, the rebels were trying to prevent the First Order from obtaining a relic on Takodana. There was a lot of ebb and flow to the battle as each side made repeated pushes toward their goals.

The final, main mode is Arcade. In this action you'll pick a side, Light or Dark, and fight solo or in co-op versus AI opponents in different battle scenarios. It is a good way to train or try out a new class or hero before doing so on a battlefield. Any experience earned in Arcade counts toward multiplayer experience.

Overall, the beta for “Star Wars Battlefront II” should awaken that urge again that so many felt in the 2015 title of the franchise. With more of everything to be made available, including all DLC, and a robust single-player campaign on the horizon, the “Star Wars” universe comes together with familiar sights and characters while challenging the player to become a part of the legend.

There is an ongoing debate about microtransactions for loot crates. While they can be earned in game through battlefield experience, there is some angst about a player buying their way to domination. It will be interesting to see if Electronic Arts hears the voices and makes any changes.