System Update Includes Social Media Videos, Data Transfer, New Icons


Owners of the Nintendo Switch gaming console will have some new features to play with after a system update on Monday.

Update 4.0.0 went live on Oct. 18 and introduced one particular feature for select games that players have been craving. There is also a report that a new feature was added that was not listed in any documentation.

While social sharing of images was already a part of the console, gamers can now share the last 30 seconds of gameplay, directly from the Switch.

While it isn’t the direct streaming feature some had been hoping, it could be a step in that direction. The clips are saved in the console’s album and can be trimmed, not edited, before posting to social media accounts.


Another new key feature will let players transfer user profiles and save data between Switch units. The looming danger of a borked Switch console meant it was holding all your save data inside with no option for recovery.

Keep in mind that once the transfer is made, the data is gone from the source Switch. There still isn’t an option to back up data from the Switch in case of a major reboot of the system.

On the more lighter side, there are new profile icons featuring characters from the upcoming “Super Mario Odyssey” game and “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.” There are 12 new icons from which to choose.

Certain games for the Nintendo Switch can now be pre-purchased and pre-loaded onto the platform before the game is released. This will hopefully get players into the game faster on launch day.


The last two changes definitely have an eye toward the release of “Super Mario Odyssey” on Oct. 27. The sharing of video clips on social media should also get a push as everyone gets into the newest release.

According to a report from Gamespot, users in Reddit found the Switch can use certain headphones that are connected through the USB port while the console is docked. According to the post, the Sony PlayStation Gold Wireless headset does work. I tested it out and found that to be true.

However, I tried a different USB headset, the Arctic SteelSeries 7 that uses a USB dongle for the PS4 and PC, and was not successful with a connection. Just for fun, I plugged in my Xbox/PC base for the Astro A50, and it did not work either.

This feature might be a work in progress, and Nintendo may be trying some things out before fully implementing it with a wider range of headphones. But cutting the cord for headphones is something fans have been wanting since the beginning for home gaming.

Not to be ungrateful, Nintendo, but can we have native streaming next and memory backup? Please?