Long Lasting Comfort, Quality Sound Highlight Turtle Beach Stealth 700

Stealth 700_Xbox_L VIEW.png

When it comes to headsets, there needs to be a balance between performance and comfort for gamers who need something for the long play.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700 puts both together for a powerful headset that you will want to wear for hours. The 700 for Xbox and PC also uses Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless technology to directly connect to the console, which means no more dongles sticking out of the Xbox.

The 50mm over-the-ear speakers provide clear, crisp sounds in games, letting players feel surrounded by the action instead of just what is in front of them. Turtle Beach has a Superhuman Hearing feature that increases important noises in a game like soft footfalls or a weapon reloading.

I tested out the headphones during a play of “Middle-Earth: Shadow of War” on the Xbox One and found that they were great for helping me identify from which direction I was about to be ambushed. The growls of caragors or the threatening shouts of orcs helped me pinpoint where I needed to be focused or else face a sharp attack from behind.

STEALTH 700 XB_1.jpg

Connecting to the Xbox One was very easy once I stopped being afraid to push in the soft button that pairs the headphones with the console. It does take a significant button push inward to make the connection, but the headphones have stayed paired with the console with no dropout.

I connected them to my Windows 10 PC to see how well the Bluetooth connection worked. Pairing was a snap, but I did have to re-pair them after software updates. No big deal.

For comfort, the 700 is outstanding. They are extremely lightweight and have just enough tension not to feel like your head is being crushed. Whether it was hours of play in Mordor or watching the C-Team from Acquisitions Incorporated for 2.5 hours, the headset was comfortable and not fatiguing at all.

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub on the PC helps keep the headset up to date with software changes. It also lets players configure the headset to fit their needs. Four audio presets allow for specific changes, and Mic Monitoring lets you hear the volume of your own voice so you don’t have to shout unless it is a warning to a teammate.

STEALTH 700 XB_11.jpg

The microphone tilts away for easy muting and storage, but it feels and sounds a little far away and produces something akin to an echo when speaking. Some players have said my voice was too soft or had too much background noise. When I upped the mic monitoring level, I sounded hollow to myself. This is likely due to the mic being off to the side rather than in front of my face.

Overall, the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 (not sure why stealth) is a very comfortable and powerful headset for gaming and entertainment use. Whether it is converting orcs or listening to Rosie Beestinger’s latest barb, the 700 has a secure place next to my Xbox One or my laptop.