PlayStation Showcases Future Games at Paris Week


There was a lot of PlayStation news coming out of Paris Games Week on Monday as the company extensively showed off what they have planned for their console gamers.

From major franchises to virtual reality challenges, Sony tried to show there was something for every type of gamer in its upcoming plans. Many games featured open-worlds with realistic characters, but there were some that harken back to an older style of play.

God of War

A short clip of God of War, the latest entry in the storied franchise, shows Kratos and his son Atreus exploring a dark cave. When a Soul Eater rouses from slumber, Kratos gets an opportunity to show his son that not every creature is an enemy.

However, never let it be said that Kratos won’t take an opportunity to swing his weapon. In this game, he wields a magical axe that strikes for devastating effects and returns to his hand when thrown.

Atreus isn’t just an escort sidekick. He has attacks as well and takes advantage of blindside attacks when an enemy is focused on his father. He also calls out environmental attack possibilities, but it will be up to the player to take advantage of those.

From early clips, the game seems to be focused on how a father teaches his son to survive in the larger world. The Norse mythology weighs heavily in the action, and I’m sure there will be moments when the roles are reversed.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

The teaser trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man was more about introducing all the characters in the game than spelling out any major plot lines. Aunt May, Kingpin, Miles Morales, and Harry Osborn each got a little bit of screen time, but the big star, other than Peter Parker, is going to be Martin Li as the main villain.

Peter showed off what his spider sense is going to look like in the game. The screen wobbles and distorts, but it remains clear on what he should be focusing.

There were some good combat scenes that looked like rendered scenes. There was also an appearance of The Shocker, so will other members of the Sinister Six make an appearance in the game?

Guacamelee! 2

Mexiverse is under siege again, and only one hero can save it. With the powers of guacamole, chickens, and luchadores, Juan is back at Guacamelee! 2 to take on enemies in a platforming adventure.

Resplendent in the iconography of the Aztec gods, the game challenges the player to punch, jump, and outmaneuver enemies while rescuing time and space? It is really hard to tell what is the end game, but the colorful environments will make it fun to try to get there.

A sequel to the successful 2013 title, the game does lean heavily on traditional Mexican culture and history. Tap into your inner luchador, and guac your way to victory.

Detroit: Become Human

In an interesting and somewhat disturbing choice, Detroit: Become Human used a domestic violence situation to show how choices will be made in the game that can have repercussions on future events.

The gameplay trailer outlined how decisions about handling key moments have a cascading effect, opening up new branches of gameplay and more choices. However, the focus of the decisions, an abusive man toward his child and his robotic caretaker, muted how the game plays.

Instead, the situation itself was disturbing enough to make gameplay irrelevant. Of course, the entire game will not be like that, but it does highlight how the game wants to make every choice important.

Ghost of Tsushima

Feudal Japan is a gorgeous backdrop for what looks like a classic revenge story featuring a samurai (turned ninja?) and the foe who destroyed everything.

The announce trailer is voiced by an enemy who describes how he has brought the samurai down and asks him to surrender. There is no surrender as the samurai is engulfed in flames but comes out on the other side as what looks like a ninja.

The Way of the Ghost is the way to victory. Can you, as a survivor of this invader, fight your way back to claim victory and your homeland?

Destiny 2 Expansion 1: Curse of Osiris

The first expansion for Destiny 2 will take guardians to Mercury to battle enemies from an ancient gate. In the process, a legendary guardian returns, but is he friend or foe?

Osiris, mentor of Ikora Rey, is one of the most powerful warlocks in history and also one of the most controversial. In the new expansion, players will head to Mercury to find Osiris and discover what is his plan for this ancient gate.

There were many more videos from PlayStation revealed at Paris Week 2017. Some were confusing while others barely scratched the surface to show what they were all about. But all are expected to hit the PlayStation soon.