'Forza Motorsports 7' Opens Roads Up to All Drivers, Conditions, Vehicles


There are a few things players expect from Forza Motorsports games: Powerful cars and amazing environments. “Forza Motorsport 7” delivers both with a wide variety of vehicles to drive around beautiful tracks and scenery from all over the world.

Let’s start with the cars. From two-door hatchbacks to Formula 1 style racing machines and everything in between, these cars are built to go fast. They have been meticulously recreated in sight and sound. There are modes in the game where you can look at these beauties in closer detail.

Throughout the game, players will drive and collect a variety of cars through their races. The quick stats show how fast a car can accelerate, brake, turn, and its top speed. However, there are ample opportunities for wannabe mechanics to turn these cars into monsters.

With American, Italian, German, British, French, and cars from places unknown, the choice of which machine to drive might be the toughest decision to make. There are more than 700 vehicles available to buy or win in competitive driving events.


More than just looking the part, the machines whine and purr with their own unique sounds as they power down straightaways and strain through corners. Strap on a set of good headphones to really hear the nuances in the way each vehicle sounds.

The game was visually designed to take advantage of the Xbox One X, coming on Nov. 7, providing native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Even with the Xbox One, the graphics are absolutely stunning to see.

More than 30 tracks are nestled in their home environments around the world, and each race day is likely to be different from the last with dynamic weather and race conditions changing as the competition progresses around the track.

A beautiful day can turn into a stormy day before one lap can be completed. Track conditions can change from dry to wet to foggy, creating more challenges for the drivers to adapt to the weather fluctuations.


Don’t even think of running off the track if it has rained. Cars will get bogged down in mud and slide along wet grass for quite some time before drivers can regain control.

The cars and the tracks are meant to be challenging. The vehicles feel appropriately weighty for their types. Trucks don’t corner as well or as fast as a Mini Cooper. My Mustang Boss is great on straight road but doesn’t handle acceleration out of the curves like my Aston Martin.

Make sure to turn on damage so you can get the true feeling of your decisions. Try to set it up to be as much of a true simulation as you can for the most enjoyment. Don’t worry if a bad turn has you sliding toward a tire fence. Rewind will back you up and let you have another try at that hairpin curve.

Six different championships are up for grabs in single player action. Each has a series of races to win or showcase events pitting drivers in historical or unique settings to test their abilities. Winning in lower events unlocks the higher, more powerful challenges in other championship quests.


Some races have to be unlocked by having enough cars in your collection. Buying cars with winnings or earning them through challenges is fine, but there were a couple of times when I needed to backtrack to some events just to have enough money to get more cars and advance.

Driving assists help players learn as they go, keeping inexperienced drivers in the race with braking and handling help or challenging veterans to push themselves to their maximum effort. A new feature, friction assist, won’t change the grip on the road, but it does make off-road surfaces more forgiving, helping to get cars back on the track easier.

Prize crates can help with mods for races, new cars for the collection, or driver gear to personalize the driving look. The crates are fun and can be bought with in-game winnings, but microtransactions are on the way. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

There is a multiplayer system that will let you race against other players. Be warned that chaos may be plentiful there, and there are drivers out there that are really good.


“Forza Motorsport 7” is a beautiful game that offers a wide variety of cars, tracks, environments and personalization choices to make it appealing for anyone who likes racing games. The numerous assists allow players to tailor their experiences to their skills, finding that happy zone of challenge and success.

It is a visual masterpiece, since it was designed with the Xbox One X in mind. However, it is also a design marvel on how wide ranging the game can be enjoyed.

See you on the track.

“Forza Motorsport 7” is available now for the Xbox One family of consoles and Windows PC. It is rated E for Everyone and has no content descriptors. This post was done using a provided digital download code for the Xbox One and Windows 10. The game was played on both platforms for this post.