Quill Shows Potential of 'Moss' With Puzzle Solving, Cuteness in VR


Video game demos are often short and can sometimes leave players confused about what the game is about rather than whet their appetites for the title. Some game demos deliver perfectly on the flavor and gameplay, enticing many to purchase.

At E3 this year, Polyarc introduced everyone to a heroic mouse named Quill in a virtual reality game called “Moss.” While the game is not due out until February, a very short demo was released for the PlayStation VR set, and it brought all the cute and interactivity with it.

The premise, so far, is, Quill is on an adventure with only a sword in hand. What drives the little mouse and what is the end goal is unknown, but in the demo, Quill ventures into a temple with heroic statues of adventuring mice at its entrance.

The demo was only playable with the DualShock controller, and most of the movement and combat is done with the normal joystick/button pushing. There was some interactivity using the controller as a magical magnet, for lack of a better term, to manipulate statues, puzzles and the environment.


Mechanical scarabs became enemies in one scene, but helpful puzzle solvers in another. This mixed use should prevent players from automatically hacking and slashing everything they see.

In the demo, Quill was also aware of my presence, motioning me to come along to the next scene or giving me a friendly wave. I was also able to glimpse my reflection in water, which showed me as a round, decorated mask. Is that what Quill sees?

With only four short interactive scenes and a closing scene that provided a sense of foreboding, the demo definitely accomplished what it set out to do. Quill is an adorable character, and the interactive puzzle solving mixed well with the combat scenes.

I’m sure we’ll see more of Quill between now and February, and hopefully, we will learn what drives the mouse to adventure within the pages of a story book.