'Civilization VI' goes down under with new Australia DLC, summer update

It is hard to imagine finding a new place to explore in the mythos of “Civilization.” Worlds can be created in any size, shape, and composition, including a world just like our own.

Firaxis Games has gone down under in their latest DLC with the release of the Australian Civilization and Scenario Pack. Calling it the Australian Summer 2017 Update, they embrace our friends from below the equator who are enjoying summer right now.

The developers said Australia was one of the most requested editions to “Civilization,” and the DLC introduces John Curtin, the prime minister during World War II, as a new leader. His main ability, Citadel of Civilization, gives Australia bonus production when they are targeted for war.

Australia gets bonus housing for coastal cities, extra bonuses for building districts on attractive terrain, and a new unit, the digger, which replaces infantry. There is also a new natural wonder, the Uluru, an island mountain that brings religion and culture to the territory around it.

A new scenario, Outback Tycoon, will challenge players to explore Australia in an attempt to enrich their side as quickly as possible. There is no combat, and players will be scored on their gold per turn net income after 60 turns, so expansion and resources become paramount.

It really does require different thinking to find as many places to increase the gold income. There are also events on the outback that will change the movements of your explorers and settlers and sometimes damage them as well. Because everything in Australia can kill you.

If the DLC doesn’t interest you, there are still changes and fixes to the game from the update. Firaxis said they are introducing multiplayer teams and mod tools, two of the community’s most requested features, to “Civilization VI.”

Team-ups will let players join forces to take on the world, whether the opponents are AI or human.

Among the list of balance changes, AI tuning and bug fixes, there is a fun addition to the start of a new game. True Start Location feature will put the civilizations on the world map at their geographic origin. No more Teddy Roosevelt in the southern hemisphere until he gets down there to explore.

Barbarians, the pests of all civilizations, get a couple of tweaks as well. They will now rampage when their camp is destroyed, and they can also heal by pillaging tiles.

Check out the entire list of changes to see if your favorite civilization has some new abilities.