Binge gaming with 'Hitman: The Complete First Series'

Episodic gaming tries to take advantage of the television generation, where a new, focused episode comes out at regular times to advance a larger storyline or carry the protagonist into different situations. But binge gaming can be just as much fun.

“Hitman: The Complete First Season,” released on Jan. 31, puts together the first season of episodic gaming for an assassin only known as 47.

Six episodes in six worldwide location are brought together in a steelbook edition, and it also includes all the extra contracts, challenges and the chance to take on future elusive targets that appear in downloadable form.

I’ve never been a fan of splintering up a game into small bits, but I understand the draw. For the on-the-go gamer, playing in small chunks of time and having a definite conclusion has an appeal.

The “Hitman” series has been around since 2000, featuring a world of assassination as seen through the eyes and experiences of Agent 47, an assassin with an impeccable record. In 2016, IO Interactive and Square Enix decided to put 47 in his own television show with the release of the first episodic adventure in March.

Contract after contract appears as 47 is hired to kill others in a wide-ranging plot instigated by a shadow client. While absorbing each episode with a new location and target does make for a good plan, the opportunity to experience the entirety of the plot is what binge gaming is all about.

France, Italy, Japan and other locations are beautifully rendered, and the addition of all the extra content, including a PlayStation 4 exclusive assassination for those playing on Sony’s console, is a great package.

The missions are extensive, showcasing 47’s talents for killing, but they are also challenging, with the slightest noise giving away your location to enemies. It takes skill for players to stay quiet or hidden while continuing to move forward toward the ultimate goal.

While the individual missions were well received by the gaming community, it will be interesting to see if binge playing with the entire series at once is just as interesting. There is a certain appeal to watching a series unfold gradually, but it is also good to just sit down for several hours and play.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some targets that need attending. You’ll never see me coming.

“Hitman: The Complete First Season” is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft PC. It is rated M for Mature due to blood, intense violence, sexual themes, strong language, and use of drugs.