Seven D&D adventures await at 'Tales from the Yawning Portal'

In the world of “Dungeons and Dragons,” stories and legends play a part in the beginning of many adventures and often lead to the creation of new tavern tales. Wizards of the Coast captured that idea with the release of “Tales from the Yawning Portal,” a collection of popular module quests throughout D&D’s history.

What makes this release special is how they have created these seven modules to combine as a potential campaign, starting a group of first-level characters in a former 3rd edition module and ending with one of the most famous modules of all time, known for killing parties of any level.

All the adventures have been retooled for 5th edition rules and offer history and backstory to be run as solo adventures. They can also be played in any setting, from Dragonlance to the Forgotten Realms.

Using the taproom of the Yawning Portal, a tavern built upon sunken remnants of a wizard’s tower, as the center of the stories, the tavern can act as a home base for any party, providing them refuge between adventures. The modules span from 1978’s “Against the Giants” to the 2014 D&D Encounters tale “Dead in Thay.”

The modules are staggered in their difficulty, allowing a party to level up in each before tackling the next one. But don’t assume the experience comes easily. These popular modules became popular because of their stories and their challenges. Total party kills are not out of the question.

For old school players, the adventures feel new and exciting with just a hint of nostalgia. The stories are throwbacks to a time when zero hit points meant finding a resurrection spell or re-rolling a new character.

The new touches include updated characters and traps, new loot and hints to the next adventure, should the Dungeon Master choose to let the players survive their current predicament.

Character hooks, detailed maps, and rich detail for every room and encounter are included in the book. While core books will be needed, everything else is contained within and offers details and stats in a glance.

For digital players, Roll20 has collaborated with Wizard of the Coast to include every detail in their digital offerings. The modules will be available as a full bundle or can be purchased individually and function as add-ons to any existing campaign.

Each Roll20 module has maps with dynamic lighting, tokens with stats and the contents of the book, so DMs and players don’t miss a single detail.

Take sides in a war between kobolds and goblins. Delve into the magical lore of dwarves. Explore a hidden shrine to a god of the underworld. Think a way out of lofty mountain dangers. Quell or encourage an uprising among rogue wizards. Assault the homes of enraged giants, bent on creating destruction. Challenge the unchallengeable in a tomb that is only mentioned in whispers.

These adventures can be woven into existing campaigns or to continue current adventures. For those who want to introduce players into something long lasting, a thread ties them all together and binds them to the shady tavern where it all starts.

Pull up a chair. Order a pint. Tell your story from “Tales from the Yawning Portal.”