E3: Microsoft reveals Xbox One X, new gameplay trailers, Porsche on stage

Microsoft decided to go big during their E3 presentation by revealing their new console, 42 games, and a car on stage.

Previously called Scorpio, the new console is called the Xbox One X and will launch Nov. 7, for $499 worldwide. It is designed for 4K screens and boasts an impressive spec sheet for what’s inside, with a 6 teraflop GPU, 12 GB GDDR5 memory and 326GB/second memory bandwidth.

What do all those numbers mean? Microsoft said it is the world’s most powerful console, ready to play for 4K displays, and it is the smallest Xbox console in the family. Many games already out will receive updates so they can play to their graphics capabilities on the Xbox One X.

I really want to start calling it XOX. Who is with me?

With the console out of the way, Microsoft spent most of the time highlighting 42 games, with 22 of them as console exclusives. But first, they brought out a new Porsche 911 GT2 RS, seen for the first time in the world on stage.

The car is part of the "Forza Motorsport 7" lineup of supercars, arriving Oct. 3, and part of a partnership between the car maker and the game design company. Competitive racing never looked so good in 4K.

The next title to be featured initially showed off a dire, bleak land, with mutated animals and a toxic environment. “Metro Exodus,” the latest in the “Metro” franchise, takes us back to Mother Russia and the survival of those left behind after a nuclear holocaust.

The game follows two previous titles that offered first person action in a post-apocalyptic world. The game is scheduled for release on Dec. 29.

After being away for a year, Assassin’s Creed has returned and set its action in Egypt during the height of its empire in “Assassin’s Creed Origins,” available on Oct. 27.

Beyond the normal stealth and assassination plots, the demo also featured hippos, crocodiles, and a very large snake. No mummies were revealed in the trailer, but they could be just sleeping.

The next title to really impress me was “Sea of Thieves,” a multiplayer game of pirates, treasure, and sharks, available in 2018.

The demo showed the crew of a ship diving underwater for sunken loot, following a coded letter that led to a treasure chest, and boarding another pirate ship to defeat a challenge from another crew. Teamwork will be key, and dangers from skeletons on land and sharks in the water will be certain doom without a little help from your friends.

Just remember the pirate code: Any man who falls behind gets left behind.

In what seems like a trip back through time, “Cuphead” had a brief showing on the big screen. Since it has been shown in many different E3 events, this year’s announcement was a release date – Sept. 29.

After seeing “Shadow of War” in a previous event, it was nice to see how much personality they are giving the characters in the game. Bruz, a huge Uruk-hai, is a wise-cracking leader who is witty, funny, and ready to lead your troops into battle. The Nemesis System continues to play a large role in how your character will gather his forces to take on Sauron. Join the war on Oct. 10.

With beautiful graphics and movement, Ori returns in “Ori and the Will of the Wisps.” The demo didn’t show any gameplay, but the movie did begin to tug on the heartstrings, much like the original title, “Ori and the Blind Forest.”

After the promise during the Electronic Arts event, EA and Bioware showed off their new franchise, “Anthem,” featuring battle suits that looked like Iron Man suits to take players into an open world at freelancers and explorers.

The suits can be customized, and players can join together as a squad to tackle bigger challenges. The world is a mixture of technology and nature, creating a lush environment to explore.

It reminded me of a bit of “Destiny” and a bit of “Horizon Zero Dawn,” for which I find nothing wrong. The game is expected to be released in the fall of 2018.

Microsoft also talked about backward compatibility for the XOX (yes, I’m using that shortcut). Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles can be played on the XOX, and some will receive graphics upgrades so they look great. They are also in the process of making the original Xbox games backwards compatible.

What they didn't talk about was anything about virtual reality and how it will work with the Xbox One X. Perhaps it will be a conversation for a later time, but with the eye on the power of the new console, it seems to be a glaring omission.

Many other games were announced with a variety of genres, gameplay experiences and features. Take a look below at some and keep an eye here for future announcements. I added my comments from Twitter during the event for each title.

"Code Vein" - available in 2018

Twitter: Code Vein is an oversized weapon JRPG game where I'm going to die a lot, isn't it?

Dragonball FighterZ - Available in 2018

Twitter: Dragonball FighterZ in early 2018. all the anime fighting!

Ashen - available in 2018

Twitter: Ashen looks like how the world sort of looks to me as a colorblind person

The Artful Escape - available TBD