'Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate' challenges players to survive in iconic D&D city

Betrayal is often a word that gets used when playing “Dungeons & Dragons.” Whether setting up for an adventure or waiting for that rogue to finally go all in against the party, betrayal makes perfect sense for a brand new board game featuring the thrill of D&D combined with one of the best horror board games ever.

“Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate” puts players into that iconic city to survive the threats and encounters that abound in Baldur’s Gate. It seems pretty straight forward, until an evil turns player against player and changes the dynamic of what survival really means.

Based off the “Betrayal at House on the Hill” gameplay, adventurers will have changing scenarios, monsters, location tiles and more to help them create a singular adventure in the new board game.

“The core of both D&D and Betrayal is story, exploration, and (mostly) working together so this was a pretty seamless mash-up,” said Shelly Mazzanoble, brand manager for Avalon Hill. “Because this is a D&D experience, you’ll see more cooperative haunts than in the original game. But it’s also Baldur’s Gate, so there is definitely some double-dealing treachery going down.”

Set in the world of the Forgotten Realms, 50 scenarios act as mini-campaigns, bringing adventurers together to face off against familiar D&D foes. Working together in a city known for thieves, assassins, and demonic horrors, cooperation will only go so far before the nameless evil (ok, it has a name) turns one or more of the players against the others.

A Sphere of Annihilation hell-bent on destruction, a hungry slaad devouring players from the inside or a suddenly-sprouted second head that wants to be in charge await visitors to Baldur’s Gate, a city that has been the heart of many tabletop and electronic D&D adventures.

“When we sat down to talk through the design for this game, Baldur’s Gate made perfect sense,” says Mike Mearls, senior manager of Design & Development for “Dungeons & Dragons.” “Not only is it one of D&D’s most infamous cities, but the thieves, assassins, and other scoundrels that lurk in its shadowy alleys provided a perfect fit for ‘Betrayal’s’ game play.”

“Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate” will be available on Oct. 6. Always watch your back.