New gaming headsets announced prior to E3

E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo held annually, is usually the place where game makers reveal their best and brightest for the upcoming year, sometimes two or more years. It is also the place where accessory companies get the chance to highlight their gamer merchandise.

Two companies, Turtle Beach and Logitech, are bringing their latest gaming headsets to Los Angeles. Turtle Beach is focusing on two new wireless headsets for the Xbox One family of consoles and the PlayStation4, while Logitech is showcasing two wired headsets for those two consoles systems as well plus the Nintendo Switch, smartphones, and tablets.

The Stealth 700 and Stealth 600 from Turtle Beach will be able to directly connect to the Xbox consoles using Microsoft’s new wireless technology. For the PS4, the headsets will use a wireless USB to provide gameplay and chat audio.

Both have different types of Surround Sound (DTS Headphone:X 7.1 for the 700, virtual for the 600), large 50mm over-ear speakers and a new flip-up microphone. They have the ProSpecs design, which helps prevent discomfort for those players wearing glasses, and have Turtle Beach’s Superhuman Hearing setting to let players hear the softest sounds.

The 700’s ear cushions and headband are wrapped in synthetic leather, while the 600’s are wrapped in breathable mesh fabric. The 700 also uses active noise cancellation to block out background noise and has Bluetooth connectivity to allow players to stream music and take calls while playing.

The Stealth 700 and the Stealth 600 are planning to launch in September 2017.

Logitech G is going in the wired direction with the release of the G433 and G233 gaming headsets in June 2017. By being wired, these headsets will work with the Nintendo Switch console as well as PC and mobile devices without any additional components needed.

Both headsets are lightweight and durable, featuring sport mesh earpads and a removeable boom mic. The G433 comes with a second set of earpads made from a microfiber to provide a choice of comfort for the player.

The G433 uses DTS Headphone:X 7.1 for surround sound and can tune the volume levels for each of its seven audio channels. Both have advanced Pro-G drivers, providing clear highs and lows with minimal distortion.

The G433 comes in four different colors: Royal blue, fire red, triple black, and camo blue. The G233 comes in a black material with cyan blue earpads. Both headsets are available for preorder before their release this month.

And now, a video.