'Destiny 2' beta doesn't reveal much new; Bungie tweaks

The Destiny 2 beta did little to reveal what’s going to be new in the story, but gave players a taste of the background and some multiplayer action in advance of its Sept. 8 release.

The developers at Bungie did use the beta testing time to get feedback from players, tweak some powers and do “additional service testing.” Player reaction has been mixed with most of the criticisms due to the powers the players will have.

During my play of the different sections, I found the cooldown for the “magic” powers to be extremely long. There were very long stretches of time when I felt just an ordinary soldier with a rifle. It might all be for naught since the campaign story has long been teased as players losing all their light powers and weapons, starting everyone on even footing.

While the beta campaign chapter didn’t show off any new abilities or weapons, it did provide some backstory and gave us a look at the main villain, a Cabal leader named Ghaul. This oversized, gravelly-voiced Cabal found a way to harness the light from the Traveler and, in the process, cut off all the Guardian's power.

After knocking my Ghost and my Guardian off a ledge, it will be interesting to see what transpires next in the story. How do Guardians come back from this? What challenges will we face before meeting Ghaul again? And can we reclaim the Traveler’s light?

Beyond the campaign, the beta offered three multiplayer experiences. Two were competitive modes and one was a cooperative Strike mode.

The Inverted Spire Strike put a fireteam on the surface of Nessus to find out what the Cabal have unleashed in their mad drive for power. It is unclear where Nessus really is located, since the action from the first Destiny game took place on planets within the current solar system.

The combat in the Strike takes place over vast terrain, some that is only accessible through what could be called boom tubes that fling players over great distances. The combination of Cabal and Vex forces provide a wide variety of enemies.

It is wave after wave of enemies, and the boss fight is very unique and takes an unexpected turn in the middle of combat.

The quickplay competitive mode is a capture and hold mode with three points that need to be controlled by a four-player team. The small, multilevel terrain makes for frantic action with plenty of locations for ambush tactics.

Your tactics may vary, but the object isn’t necessarily to kill as many players as possible. By focusing on capturing the flag points, there will be enough combat to satisfy even the most bloodthirsty Guardian.

The more intense competitive mode features a countdown scenario where teams are either trying to blow up a location or prevent an explosion from happening. This is one where teamwork will definitely lead to success.

It was located in a city environment, using buildings and plazas as the scenario. Players who find the niches and alleyways will do best.

My first play was horrid and made me question whether I’d like this mode at all. However, subsequent plays with a solid battleplan resulted in a more dynamic and coordinated match. Find friends for success.

The entire beta experience did not feel very different from Destiny. While I get Bungie wanted to test different things, they didn’t impart any sense of excitement in what would be new for Destiny 2.

Fortunately, we only have to wait a few months to see what’s coming.