Create, interact with your friends in 'Miitopia'

Game designers always want players to feel like they are truly part of the game, connecting with the characters on a personal level. “Miitopia” makes that easy by using Mii characters of your friends to be a part of the action in this role-playing adventure.

Playable on the Nintendo 2DS or 3DS handheld console, the story evolves around the classic good versus evil but with an interesting twist. Players will use their Mii avatar to be the lead character, and all other party members and key enemies, including the Dark Lord, can be assigned to friends and famous Mii characters.

The quest is to find all the stolen faces that have been spirited away by the Dark Lord and given to creatures in the wild. Once those creatures are defeated, the face returns to its rightful owner.

While powers and abilities increase through combat or food sources, it is the relationships between the party members that really makes the game fun.

While resting at the inn at the end of each segment, two characters can share a room, increasing the bond between them. With more sharing, the presentation of gifts, and helping out during the journey, those bonds become powers during battle that can turn the tide.

The pincer move, where one character helps out another by attacking from behind an enemy, is very strong, but it isn’t just offensive moves that can be triggered between bonded Miis.  Characters will also take a hit for another character they like or move them out of harm’s way.

What makes this different is the player has assigned a Mii friend or special friend in those roles as their party members or important characters. There is a little extra trepidation when the Mii of a close friend in real life gets knocked down during combat.

The interactions don’t stop with just combat. There are some very hilarious scenes between characters between the fights, and there are opportunities to improve relationships in some funny ways.

The characters can be assigned jobs that are typical for a RPG. Fighter, thief, magic-user, and cleric are available, but there are also some unique jobs with unusual abilities.

How does a cook do combat? Can a rock star defend herself? Who among your friends would be a good cat?

Character looks can be personalized through the purchase of new equipment. The new clothes and weapons will often boost abilities.

Low on cash? A rock-paper-scissors mini game in the arcade will give you a chance to win more gold, but you need a game ticket to play. Game tickets can also be used for a chance to win prizes with the spin of a roulette wheel.

The inn can house up to 10 characters, but only four characters, including the player, can go out into the world. Having a good mix of different jobs and different relationships will increase the chances of a successful mission.

Combat is turn-based and pretty straight forward. When I played, I used the autobattle function during combat. It was very effective in coming up with good strategies and usages of the powers to keep the team strong and winning.

Most of the enemies are puns, like Twerky for a turkey that twerks or a nose with legs called a Running Nose. They are definitely Dad jokes and groan worthy.

Only during big fights did I take direct control, and even then, it was to use sprinkles, boosts to hit points or magic points or to create hyper characters for more combat impact.

I was more interested in creating or interacting with characters. I ended up with Obi-Wan and Iron Man in my party along with all my friends. Of course, one of my Mii friends was chosen as the Dark Lord, giving her a starring role.

The game is highly addictive just to see what happens between the characters. Like a good soap opera, there are always twists and turns in the relationships, and who knows who the next love interest will turn out to be after the latest battle.

“Miitopia” is available for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems. It is rated E for Everyone due to crude humor and mild cartoon violence. This post was written using a provided retail copy of the game.