Microsoft @ Gamescom: Preorders, bundles, exclusive trailer provide excitement


Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, is one of the largest, if not the largest, gathering of gamers in the world. While the E3 event in Los Angeles is usually about the news, Gamescom offers players the chance to try out new and upcoming games for themselves.

That doesn’t mean there isn’t news coming from Germany.

Microsoft announced the Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is available for preorder at $499 until supplies run out. It is expected to be available in November.

The Scorpio Edition features the words Project Scorpio printed on the console and controller. There is also a graphics pattern on the exterior and includes a vertical stand for display options.

The Xbox One X is designed for true 4K gaming, provided you have a display that can handle the 4K. All existing Xbox One games and accessories will work on the X, and more than 100 new and existing games will be enhanced to take advantage of the Scorpio Engine’s power.

The world of Middle-Earth revealed more of the amazing creatures you will face in “Middle-earth: Shadow of War” in a Gamescom exclusive trailer. An old foe from Moria reappears, and it is glorious.

The game releases on Oct. 10. A Xbox One S bundle with either a 1TB or 500 GB memory and the game will also be coming out on the same day.

Another bundle with customized console and controller is now available for preorder, if the block is your medium. Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition 1TB console and Creeper wireless controller can be ordered for $399 and will be available on Oct. 3.

The preorder also includes a digital code for Minecraft and a bonus code for the Minecraft Redstone Pack.

Microsoft also showed off new adventures for ReCore in their ReCore Definitive Edition, available Aug. 29. Existing ReCore players will received the new adventure, robot, and other enhancements as a free, online update.

Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare is a completely new expansion for Halo Wars 2, featuring a new campaign, maps, leaders, and a game mode called Terminus Firefight. It will be launching on Sept. 26.

Other games, such as Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of Thieves, revealed how they will take advantage of the Xbox One X console and cross-play with Windows 10 capabilities for their games coming later this year and into next.

With a new console and exciting games coming in the next few months, Microsoft is attempting to position themselves as a key player in the holiday buying season. The Xbox One X likely has limited appeal for those who want to be on the cutting edge, but the Xbox One S and the exclusive bundles should be on many holiday lists for gamers this year.