Jump Into Indie Games With Subscription-Based Online Delivery Service

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A video game subscription service wants to get players introduced to the indie game scene. Jump features more than 60 independent game titles in an on-demand digital library.

The idea was born by a former indie developer who wanted to highlight and deliver a great selection of titles made by independent game developers. Anthony Palma, the CEO and founder of Jump, said it was the understanding of the issues the studios faced every day that helped create his idea.

“It was then that we had a vision of how this new tech could create a platform that could alleviate some of the problems for indie developers and make their games easily discoverable by gamers searching for cutting-edge content,” Palma said.

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The delivery service, called HyperJump, hopes to avoid the latency and quality issues that other online services experience. The company said players don’t need large amounts of disc space or have to wait through long loading times and can be playing most games in under a minute.

Jump costs $9.99 per month, and players receive unlimited access to the library. They plan to add about 10 new titles each month. The new additions will be based on reviews, awards, and sales.

The service will have a recommendation engine that uses player data to help gamers find new titles they might enjoy. The games in the library range from arcade style, sports, platformers, puzzles, turn-based strategy, role playing, and more.

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For October, Jump added six new titles.

  • Sunset: A clever narrative and award-winning game from Tale of Tales — one of the most renowned “arthouse” game studios and developer of Luxuria Superbia.
  • Typoman: Extremely creative atmospheric and award-winning typographic puzzle/platformer game from Brainseed Factory.
  • Card City Nights: A very highly rated and nontraditional card-trading game from Ludosity, the makers of Ittle Dew.
  • Dog Gone Golfing: An amusing precision-skill, physics-based golf arcade game from award-winning studio Vagabond Dog, maker of Always Sometimes Monsters.
  • Green Game TimeSwapper: A unique time-altering puzzle game from innovative indie developer iFun4all, creators of Red Game Without a Name.
  • Snapshot: A hit-seller action-platformer, from developer Retro Affect, about a robot with a very special camera that allows it to capture and remove objects from the world it finds itself in.