'Monster Hunter: World,' 'The Inpatient,' others highlight January releases


Gaming releases after the holidays tend to be a little on the soft side. Companies have already touted their best and brightest as people delve into their new consoles or desired titles.

However, there are usually one or two titles in January to make players sit up and take notice. This year is no different with games for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, and yes, the PlayStation Vita to provide entertainment during the middle of winter.

Probably the most talked about title of January is “Monster Hunter: World.” The sixth title in the franchise, this game takes players back to an open world filled with large monsters. Using only their ingenuity, hunters must build their most powerful weapons by defeating and scavenging from dangerous opponents.

The title is expected to offer a narrative to help players get through ranked quests. It will also have larger maps with seamless travel between zones and allow players to globally play together. As a bonus for PlayStation 4 players, Aloy, from “Horizon Zero Dawn,” will be available as a playable character.

“Monster Hunter: World” is expected to be released on Jan. 26.

If portable games are more your speed, it is time to boot up your Nintendo 3DS for “Kirby Battle Royale.” The game, which has already been released in Japan and Europe, will hit the U.S. on Jan. 19.

A single-player story campaign and co-op and multiplayer battle modes feature Kirby in brawler battles against other versions of himself. With more than a dozen different abilities, it will be up to players to use their skills to fight and win.

Ten game modes keep things fresh, and the single-player campaign pits Kirby against clones in different game modes in five leagues.

For the Switch as well as the PlayStation 4 and PC, “Lost Sphear” puts players in the role of Kanata, who is trying to save his home from the White Fog. Considered a spiritual successor to “I am Setsuna,” the game is expected to be released on Jan. 23.

Kanata and his friends are working to restore a disappearing world by solving puzzles and obtaining lost memories. As the game develops, the world is filled in and ready for exploration.

Turn based battles in the JRPG style pit the character against those who want the world to be forgotten. Battle suits, called Vulcosuits, help the players with defense and augmented abilities.

“The Inpatient” is a virtual reality game for the PlayStation 4 using the PlayStation VR headset. It is a survival horror game where the player cannot remember their past, and they are placed in the Blackwood Sanatorium.

The goal is to escape with your sanity and memories, and the outcome of the story is determined by the choices made during gameplay. The game is supposed to be a prequel to the 2015 release “Until Dawn” and is set 60 years prior to the events in the previous release.

Scheduled for release on Jan. 23, the game was previously scheduled for 2017. The development team wanted more time to work on the game.

Check out the list of games for January and get a sneak peak on those coming out soon after.