Episode 27: Our Favorite Modern Takes on Classic Movie Monsters

With the recent release of The Mummy, the first in a series of new Universal monster movies, we felt inspired to talk about some of the best (and maybe a few of the worst) attempts at these characters in modern media. As always, we've also got some new recommendations for you, too!

Sirens 1 Year Anniversary Extravaganza

It's our 1st birthday and we're partying hard by inviting a lineup of previous guests, listeners and friends on to the show with us! There will be tons of recommendations, talk of personal terrors and much reminiscing about our favorite moments of the past year.

Episode 23: Gabby DaRienzo

We're so excited to share this episode with you because we got a Sirens girl crush on the show, video game developer and artist Gabby DaRienzo. You've heard us mention her current project, A Mortician's Tale, a few times on the show. We discuss that as well as her other game projects, her podcast Play Dead and share some of our own favorite gaming moments. And as usual, we've got a stack of new recommendations to share!

Episode 19: Horror for Kids

It's time for us to go back to our earliest childhood memories of horror, examining and sharing the films or stories that began our obsessions with the macabre. We want to know why we like to scare the kids, how we scare them and when (if at all) horror for kids steps over a line. Of course, we've also collected more Things We're Loving Now to share as well!

Episode 18: Resident Evil

With the new release of both a Resident Evil game and a film, we thought it was time we get down and dirty with the franchise. We'll talk what makes a "zombie", bioweapons and try to figure how this franchise hasn't been laid to rest yet. And as usual, we've got a new bundle of recommendations for you to check out!

Episode 15: Haunted Holiday Folklore

It's the holiday season and Sierra is settling us down by the fire for some perfectly haunted tales of terror from Christmas folklore around the world. This will be our final episode of 2016, but we'll be back in January 2017! Of course, we've also got some new recommendations to help you fill out your gift wish list, too!

Episode 14: Shawn French & Mortimer Glum

This episode we've brought on two friends of ours who have worked in comics, film, video games and animation. Shawn French and Mortimer Glum created the weird and terrifying comic book series Escape From Jesus Island and are now running a Kickstarter campaign to publish it in TPB. Enjoy our conversation and a new list of recommendations! 

Episode #12: Sam Raimi Discussion With The Wytch Files

Happy Halloween! Have a listen to this episode while you get yourself ready for the best night of the year. The Sirens sat down with our friends Sabrina and Karen of The Wytch Files to discuss everything we love (and laugh at) about Sam Raimi and his long list of cinematic work. This episode also brings you twice the recommendations to keep Halloween going after October ends!