Episode #12: Sam Raimi Discussion With The Wytch Files

Happy Halloween! Have a listen to this episode while you get yourself ready for the best night of the year. The Sirens sat down with our friends Sabrina and Karen of The Wytch Files to discuss everything we love (and laugh at) about Sam Raimi and his long list of cinematic work. This episode also brings you twice the recommendations to keep Halloween going after October ends!


Westworld , Black Mirror, season 3  (TV) 

Locke and Key (comics)

The Strain (book)

The Boogie Monster, Super Hot Bad Guy Podcast , Jim Harold's CampfireAnything Ghost Show (podcasts) 

Insexts, Manifest Destiny, Rachel Rising  (comic books)

Deathgasm, Trollhunter (movies)

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Sabrina & Karen, The Wytch Files- @TheWytchFiles

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Editing & intro music by Ryan Megan

Break Music: Sam Hall, by Johnny Cash

End Music: Season of the Witch, by Donovan