Episode 17: Horrorwatch 2017

Last episode we discussed the history of horror, so this week we're taking a look at the terrifying treasures coming for us all in 2017. (No, we're not talking about Trump's cabinet!) This entire show basically consists of recommendations, so I'll be nice and provide a list here of everything we ramble off. Have fun!

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We Happy Few, Friday the 13th, What Remains of Edith Finch, Resident Evil 7, P.A.M.E.L.A., Outlast II, Overkill's The Walking Dead,Days Gone, Hello Neighbor,  Visage, System Shock, Tangiers, The Hum, Dead Island 2,  Scorn,  Allison Road, Routine, Perception


A.D. After Death: Book 3, Beowulf, Curse Words, The Old Guard, Aliens: Dead Orbit, Heathen Vol 2


Bye Bye Man, Split, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, The Lure, Rings, A Cure for Wellness, XX, Get out, The girl with all the gifts, Kong: skull island, Raw, The Belko Experiment, Keep Watching, Alien: Covenant, The Mummy remake, WWZ 2, The Dark Tower, Annabelle 2, IT, Flatliners remake, Friday the 13th sequel, Insidious chapter 4, God particle, Saw Legacy, The Nun, Mama 2, 


Series of Unfortunate Events, Age of the Living Dead, Time after Time, handmaid's tale, Midnight, Texas, Twin Peaks, X-Files season 11, Tales From the Crypt, American Gods, The Terror, The Brothers Grimm, The Twilight Zone, The Mist, Let the Right One In

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