Episode 24: Sirens Radio


Bringing something new to you today with our first episode of Sirens Radio, where we dig in to the urban legends and history behind songs that have creepy lyrics or roots. We kept this one a bit shorter, but had some fun with it, so please let us know what you think! 


American Gods - tv

Gallery 1988's Stephen King exhibit - art

The Voices- movie

Featured songs: Strange Fruit by Billie Holiday, Devil Went Down to Georgia by The Charlie Daniels Band, Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

Sirens of Scream are:

Melissa Megan- @Lissapunch

Jackie DeVore- @Jackietherobot

Sierra Houk- @Sierrahouk

Sirens on Twitter@Sirensofscream

Email - SoS@meganerdmedia.com

Banner art by Menton3

Editing by Drew Devore 

End Music: Down by the Water, by PJ Harvey