Episode 32: A History of Creepy Clowns


We've all been talking about IT and our traumatizing childhood experiences with clowns, right? Do you remember our friend June Gregory who taught us about the history of horror tropes? Well, we're combining these things together and bringing back June, this time with a lesson on the history of creepy clowns!  And of course we've also got a bundle of new recommendations for you, plus some extra links if you'd like to read more after the show about clowns. 

P.S. Happy fall!! 


IT (2017) - movie

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Dear David - Twitter story 

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Dreamcatcher - Novel

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*****Joseph Grimaldi’s autobiography is available for free download on several sites and in several formats


Clown Films: He Who Gets Slapped, Carnival of Souls, Stitches, The Last Circus, Clown, Scary or Die (The segment Clowned), Killer Klowns From Outer Space, Children of Paradise, 100 Tears, Clowntergeist, All Hallow’s Eve (2013), Shakes the Clown, 31, Vulgar, House of 1000 Corpses, The Devil’s Rejects, Mockingbird, Clownhouse, Fear of Clowns, Fear of Clowns 2, Gacy, Killjoy series