Episode 33: 31 Days of Horror, 2017 Edition!


This is the episode you've all been waiting for! It's definitely one of our favorites to create for you, because we not only get to jump start the Halloween season with tons of horror films, but we get just have some fun talking why we love them all. We've come up with a whole new list, no repeats from last year, and we can't wait to hear what you think of them! 

Make sure to comment here, talk to us on Twitter of Facebook, let us know what you think of the list. We make this show for YOU. Also, if you missed last year's list and want double the scary October material, here's that link. Don't forget to leave us a review on whatever platform you listen, it really helps us to be heard by more horror fans!

10/1: The House October Built

10/2: The Girl With All the Gifts

10/3: They’re Watching

10/4: Don’t Breathe

10/5: Audition

10/6: 10 Cloverfield Lane

10/7: The Invitation

10/8: The Descent

10/9: Over the Garden Wall

10/10: Lights Out

10/11: Train to Busan

10/12: The Nightmare

10/13: Cabin in the Woods

10/14: Autopsy of Jane Doe

10/15: The Innkeepers

10/16: Slither

10/17: Rosemary's Baby

10/18: Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

10/19: John Dies at the End

10/20: The Love Witch

10/21: The Legend of Hell House

10/22: Rare Exports

10/23: Split

10/24: Zombie Honeymoon

10/25: Shadow of a Vampire

10/26: The Devil's Backbone

10/27: The Haunting in Connecticut

10/28: Monsters

10/29: The Others

10/30:What We Do in the Shadows

October 31st: Halloween!!

  •  Shaun of the Dead

  •  Hocus Pocus

  •  Monster Squad

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