Episode 39: Horrorwatch 2018


Ok, so 2018 is here, whether we're ready for it or not, and we have no choice but to plow forward. But don't worry, we've got ALL the goods to keep you terrified of stuff that's not happening in real life! Right here! We want to tell you all about the episodes we're excited for coming up, and share some new recommendations as well. 



Glamour Ghoul Box- subscription service

Giacomo CarmagnolaJack of the Dust - artist

A Crystal Clear EVP - podcast episode

Creep 2, Haunters: Art of the Scare, The Blackcoat's Daughter, Better Watch Out Mother! , Coco - movies

Thimbleweed Park - video game

Wild Spirit Rising- jewelry store

Sirens of Scream are:

Melissa Megan- @Lissapunch

Jackie DeVore- @Jackietherobot

Sierra Houk- @sierrahouk

Guest: Jacob Strunk- @sevenmileswest  

Sirens on Twitter@Sirensofscream

Email - SoS@meganerdmedia.com

Banner art by Menton3

Editing by Drew Devore  

Editor's note: We experienced some technical difficulties in this episode and had to use the backup recording instead. Audio quality is sub-par in this episode and we apologize for that. 


Break Music - Watsky - Exquisite Corpse
End Music - Sinergy - The Bitch is Back