Episode 45: Liz Sower and Ghosts in the Burbs


In this episode, we're joined by the amazing writer and storyteller, Liz Sower, who currently writes and hosts Ghosts in the Burbs! Join us and Liz for a chat about scary things, adjusting to new surroundings, and what draws us to the darker side of life.


Yuri Hill, Trevor Henderson - artists

Lost in Space - Netflix series

The Room - game series

What Lies Beneath - movie

The Daily Ghoul - online newspaper

Come Closer by Sara Gran - novel

Sirens of Scream are:

Melissa Megan - @Lissapunch

Jackie DeVore - @Jackietherobot

Sierra Houk - @sierrahouk

Guest Liz Sower - @GhostintheBurbs, and ghostsintheburbs.wordpress.com

Sirens on Twitter@Sirensofscream

Email - SoS@meganerdmedia.com

Editing by Drew Devore

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End Music - Band of Horses - Is There a Ghost In My House

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