Episode 43: Hometown Myths and Legends


Whispers between friends, stories told over campfires, recent rumors, and long-told legends. Whatever the case may be, every corner of the world has its own local legends. In this episode, we're digging in with some stories we just can't forget.


Wild, Wild Country - tv shows, Netflix

Sirens of Scream are:

Melissa Megan- @Lissapunch

Jackie DeVore- @Jackietherobot

Sierra Houk- @sierrahouk

Guests Jason and Vanessa Houk - You can find Jason's radio shows at kskq.org

Featuring stories from:

Elizabeth von Radics

Gentry Atkinson

Rita Atkinson

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Banner art by Menton3

Editing by Drew Devore  

End Music:  Zombina and the Skeletones - The New Orleans Incident

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