Episode 46: Lily Anderson & Undead Girl Gang


We've had so, so many amazing guests lately and we are seriously feeling the love from all our horror geek friends out in the world! This week, we bring you the badass author of Undead Girl Gang, Lily Anderson. We had a blast with her, and we hope you'll enjoy it just as much. Also, lots of new recs for you, of course!


Winchester - movie

This Is America- video

I'll Be Gone in the Dark- novel

HR Giger Museum - collection/site

#mermay - http://mermay.com/

In the Footsteps of a Killer - article

Sirens of Scream are:

Melissa Megan- @Lissapunch

Jackie DeVore- @Jackietherobot

Sierra Houk- @sierrahouk

Guest Lily Anderson- @ms_lilyanderson

Sirens on Twitter@Sirensofscream

Email - SoS@meganerdmedia.com

Editing by Drew Devore

Break Music - Steven Universe - Sadie's Song
Outro Music - Nine Inch Nails - 27 Ghosts III
End Music - Nine Inch Nails - Came Back Haunted