Episode 47: Two Years of Spooky Time Slumber Party


It's the Sirens of Scream Two Year Anniversary and we are super duper, crazy thankful, thrilled and delighted that we've been able to keep this show going for you all. It's a labor of love for all of us, that we somehow manage to squeeze in between day jobs, family commitments and probably too much drinking. So, we decided to celebrate, we'll just have a good ole' online slumber party, and you're invited! Fair warning: this episode also probably contains too much drinking and too much giggling. Thanks for sticking with us!


Madeline McGrane , Magpie Rodgers , Vickie Bewicked - artist

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The Expanse- tv show

Redlands - comic series

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Editing by Drew Devore

Break Music - Andrew Bird - Minor Stab
End Music -  Imelda May - Wild Woman